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John Hynes 

John Hynes Photography  
Offers professional photos to fit your personal budget with ultra-quick turnarounds and no messing.  
Offers: • Portraits / Business Headshots. • Company product shots / make your website STANDOUT from the rest. 
We can also offer business visual concepts for your company and branding. • Marketing, Advertising & Publicity • Passion Photography opening hours are : 
10am – 10pm Monday – Friday 12pm – 8pm Saturday / Sundays making us the most flexible company around.  
We can offer many different packages, also including location shots and also offering professional studio facilities too. 
Guitar / Music Teaching Services 
Teaching Guitar / Bass / Keyboards / Singing / Piano and Music Technology and Production. 
If you've had music lessons in the past but didn't feel that you achieved or understood the music or the tutor, there is a good chance that you were not being taught in a way that is specific to you. Or maybe you felt you were not being stimulated by the lesson plan, or perhaps the tutor was not inspiring enough to help you achieve your goals? 
My lesson plans are simply tailored to you as an individual, specific to your personal needs and requirements. I don't teach you what 'I want to teach you', or even what the rule book or college says I should teach you, I teach you what 'you want to learn'. 
I've had many years of using this technique and approach, resulting in a catalogue of successful students. I will work with you, and together we can release your inner musical potential, 
Come along to a first introductory half hour lesson, have a relaxed informal chat and we can discuss your aims and requirements, I want to understand from you what you want from your lessons, to enable me to help you meet your requirements. 
You don`t even need to bring a musical instrument, I have an wide selection of guitars and keyboards readily available for you to experience, play a selection of instruments before deciding which is right for you. 
All available to use within your first few lessons in the studio. Incorporating a wide array and variety of music styles. 
Call us today to arrange a meeting. 
Step into the beautiful world of the music. 

Contact John Hynes 

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